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Meet Dr. Curt Garner

Rio Rancho Chiropractor, Dr. Curt Garner

Dr. Curt Garner

An Early Experience with the Benefits of Chiropractic

Rio Rancho chiropractor Dr. Curt Garner suffered from debilitating asthma as a junior high school student. His parents had exhausted every resource they were aware of in trying to find help, but still he regularly missed school and had overall poor health as a result.

“At one point, my father visited a chiropractor for a painful neck problem. And as a last resort, he brought me to see the chiropractor as well. The tide turned, and I was feeling great in about two weeks,” says Dr. G.

Solving Problems and Helping Change Lives

Chiropractic care appealed to me because I want to help the person in front of me achieve their health goals. Usually that means they want to decrease their pain, but often they have a specific desire, like wanting to be able to exercise or play sports again, or lift and play with their grandkids.”

Dr. G tells us, “I’m incredibly satisfied when I can help solve a problem with my patient. To see them smile and move on to lead a healthy life is an amazing thing to witness. It turns my crank to see someone return to their normal life.”

Challenged and Continually Growing

Dr. G graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1984. The most surprising thing he recalls about his chiropractic education was “the vigor and the intensity of the program at Palmer.”

He tells us, “The difficult program challenged and encouraged me to give my best. I’ve always been interested in finding answers to questions. And my education at Palmer taught me to look for those answers in the right places. I learned to analyze and diagnose difficult cases and gained a passion for providing relief to patients who had been deprived of it for too long.”

Dr. Garner has also earned:

  • an Advanced Proficiency Rating in Activator Methods®
  • a Board Qualification in Chiropractic Orthopedics
  • an Advanced Practice Certification from the State of New Mexico

Keeping It All In Perspective

In his free time, Dr. G might be found either cooking meals or shooting pistols—two passions where he loves to invest his thoughts and energy. Other passions include reading, spending time with his wife and three grown children, and sneaking Reese’s Peanut Butter cups into his diet. He confides, “I try to make up for it by eating better elsewhere, but I also have a weakness for homemade pound cake.”

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