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Chiropractic Techniques

Experience Counts

Our Doctors perform muscle testing and use other tools to formulate a good diagnostic impression of your overall musculoskeletal condition.

They bring three decades of experience into their daily diagnostic process.

We specialize in the Activator Method

Activator Methods®

Primarily, our doctors utilize Activator Methods®. The Activator is a small hand-held instrument, which delivers a gentle, precise and quick adjustment to an area where musculoskeletal dysfunction is diagnosed.

Patients are often amazed to feel no discomfort, to feel such minimal force applied, and yet to see such incredible results from activator adjustments.

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Trigger Point Work

The Activator Instrument can also be used to perform trigger point work. This can be extremely beneficial when a patient is in acute pain.

After traumatic injury, or when an old injury has gone unresolved for years, a specific muscle can remain tense and/or spasmodic. Often a knot can be felt under the skin, the area is sensitive, and pain can be referred to other areas throughout the body.

Releasing a trigger point with massage or the use of the Activator is highly effective at helping patients find relief from their initial pain, and also in their longer-term healing. If trigger points are not addressed, they can lead to chronic pain and problems down the road.

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