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WHAT SETS Lundgren Chiropractic Center APART?

Rio Rancho Chiropractor Couples Expertise with Approachability


As the cornerstone of the Lundgren Chiropractic Center team, Dr. Curt Garner brings nearly 32 years of experience to his interaction with each patient. His insight and passion to solve problems enables him to help patients who have often been suffering for years.

Our techniques, like the Activator Method, are gentle and effective. And our approach is one that leaves you knowing more about your health and body than when you arrived.

Chances are, you’ll leave feeling great physically, and also feeling great about coming back.


We Respect You

At Lundgren Chiropractic Center we allow patients to self-select their involvement with us.
We don’t believe in nagging people into “just one more visit”. We see it as a victory when you achieve your health goal; and it’s entirely your choice to discontinue care or decrease the frequency of your care.

We feel like this approach honors our patients, and we find that patients want to come back as needed when they’ve been taken care of so well. We see many patients who’ve been to other chiropractors in the past and who kept on looking.