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Pediatric Chiropractic

Toddler building with blocksHelping kids of all ages get off to a healthy start in life is one of our greatest passions at Lundgren Chiropractic Center. From the birth process to the falls that little ones experience as they’re learning to crawl and walk, children can get their spine misaligned easily. Our gentle chiropractic care can help them flourish. We see children ranging from newborns or young infants to preteens and young teens.

Providing Always-Gentle Adjustments

We understand that parents may be unsure of bringing their kids in to see a chiropractor. A parent’s biggest concern is if it’s safe. It is! Dr. Austin and Dr. Holly are advanced certified in the Activator Methods® technique, which uses an instrument to deliver a gentle adjustment.

Here are some of the primary benefits children can receive as a result of chiropractic care:

  • Relieves growing pains and other discomforts
  • Promotes progress in stages of physical developmental
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Addresses digestive problems

One of the biggest things that we treat children for is probably neck pain. Most kids don’t have low back pain or herniated discs because they’re young. But we have a lot of kids who are doing schoolwork from home. So they’re on their laptops, phones, tablets and other digital devices more often to get their work done.

Pain in the neck and mid-shoulder often arises. The good news is through a simple adjustment we can restore proper alignment and alleviate any pain. We also can address forward head posture.

In our friendly practice environment, children feel at ease fairly quickly. Before we provide any care, we do a consultation with the parent, asking questions about what’s brought their child in. We also can show parents spine models that explain what a vertebral subluxation is.

For young patients who are on the autism spectrum, for example, we won’t treat them on the first visit because we want children with autism or another related condition to feel completely comfortable. We’ll give them a tour of the office and let them test the Activator instrument to see how it works and check out our adjustment tables.

How many adjustments will my child need?

It depends on what they’re coming in with. For most of our young patients, only one adjustment is needed and we don’t see them again until there’s another flare-up. Children tend to bounce back quickly.
Can my child benefit from maintenance care?

Yes! Children who come in every few months for a spinal “tune-up” often will sleep better, feel less stressed and get sick less often. If they do get sick, they typically will recover quicker than children who aren’t receiving chiropractic care.
How do you adjust an infant?

Very gently! The pressure that’s used to adjust an infant is about the same that’s employed to check a tomato for ripeness.
Can chiropractic help address my child's sports injury?

Yes, chiropractic is an excellent and highly effective form of care that addresses sports injuries without drugs or surgery.
In what ways can chiropractic help kids who play sports?

Not only can it help to treat injuries chiropractic may help prevent them. Chiropractic also can benefit young athletes as it can improve reaction time, agility, balance, power and more.

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