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Sports Chiropractic

Kettle bell planksWhether you’re a diehard CrossFitter, bodybuilder, runner, or high school or collegiate athlete, you want to perform at your best and steer clear of injuries. And if you do get injured you want to recover as soon as possible so you can return to what you love. At Lundgren Chiropractic Center, we can assist athletes of all ages and levels.

What Are Some Benefits?

Here are some of the primary benefits associated with chiropractic care:

  • Improves function
  • Relieves pain
  • Helps to prevent injury
  • Boosts performance
  • Improves recovery

As an athlete, you likely don’t want to have to rely on pain medication that has associated side effects. Given our nation’s opioid epidemic, many people are choosing natural chiropractic care over potentially addictive and dangerous painkillers. Chiropractic also may help you avoid risky surgery.

From foot pain and hip pain to golfer’s elbow and runner’s knee, there are many sports-related injuries for which athletes seek our care. We can provide customized treatment plans that can not only relieve pain but restore function. Our gentle adjustments are ideal for addressing painful injuries. We use the Activator Methods® technique which uses an instrument to deliver a low-force but effective adjustment.

Do you adjust athletes differently than other patients?

No, the adjusting portion of the appointment is the same as we lay the patient down on the table, test them and adjust them just like we do all of our other patients.
Can you help me modify certain exercises?

Yes, some patients have pain when lifting dumbbells or doing squats, for example. We can help them modify those exercises so they can perform them properly and without pain.
Will my recovery improve as a result of receiving chiropractic care?

It may. We see athletes who come in the day of or the day after their big exercise session because they understand how beneficial chiropractic can be in recovery.
How often should I come in for care?

It depends on what you’re seeing us for. If you are feeling fine and just want to stay at peak performance then we’d probably recommend maintenance care. However, if you sustained an injury we’ll probably have you come in for a few treatments.
Can chiropractic care help me avoid getting injured?

Regular care is similar to getting your car tuned up to keep it running well versus just taking it to a mechanic when something is wrong. We believe that chiropractic probably helps keep these regular patients out of that injury state.
Do you provide exercises to complement chiropractic care?

Yes, sometimes we can provide exercises and stretches that can help address pain and inflammation.
How can chiropractic help me perform better in my sport?

Just about every athlete would like to improve their performance. Chiropractic can indeed boost performance by increasing flexibility, improving mobility, and making you more resistant to injury.
Will you recommend other therapies for my sports injury?

Yes, we may suggest that you get a massage or use heat or ice to promote the healing of soft tissues.

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You don’t have to stay sidelined from your favorite sport or athletic activity. We are here to help you get back in the game.

Discover how sports chiropractic can help you be at your athletic best. Contact our Rio Rancho clinic today to schedule an appointment!



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