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About Lundgren Chiropractic Center

Dr. Holy and Dr. Austin

Providing Prompt, Effective Care

At Lundgren Chiropractic Center, we offer gentle chiropractic care from one of the area’s most experienced and highly educated practitioners. Our chiropractors offer specialized same-day care, and in most cases do not require X-rays to diagnose your condition. Check out our What To Expect page to learn more about how we differ from other chiropractors.

Our Approach

We enjoy working with patients through the process of managing their musculoskeletal conditions. Whether you come in with an acute or chronic problem, and whether your issue is related to the axial skeleton or to an extremity, we’re here to help. We help patients find relief quickly by utilizing a variety of diagnostic methods, and developing a unique treatment protocol for the individual patient.

Respecting and Serving Your Unique Needs

We view ourselves as being a part of the overall healthcare delivery system. Within that system, we help people to manage their musculoskeletal ailments so they can live more fulfilling lives.

We understand that different people have different needs. And so we offer a variety of primary care plans:

  • Some patients need only a few visits to find relief from an acute problem.
  • Other patients return to address an episode of a problem which recurs occasionally, but which isn’t chronic.
  • And yet some patients need continued care to help manage a chronic problem.

We understand not everyone needs dozens of visits to the chiropractor in order to recover. And not every patient will choose chiropractic as a regular tool in their pursuit of wellness. We believe this respect for your needs and your preferences sets us apart.

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About Lundgren Chiropractic Center | (505) 892-2222