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Lundgren Chiropractic Center Reviews

What Our Rio Rancho Patients Say

At Lundgren Chiropractic Center we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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I really enjoyed my visit and felt much better afterwards. My pain level was diminished by at least 50%. I also liked the massage bed. I highly recommend Dr. Garner. His assisting staff were also very professional and friendly.

~ Donna M.

I believe Dr Garner is at the top of his profession. He is knowledgeable, careful, educated, professional, personable and he is a good communicator/listener. His approach is truly “do no harm” and above all he is HELPFUL. He knows what he is doing for sure.

~ Bill W.

I have seen so many doctors who didn’t listen and have failed to heal me. I felt twice as good the day after my first appointment and have faith and confidence that Dr. Garner’s careful but detailed plan will improve my quality of life completely. I am so thankful to have met him.

~ Patricia B.

Dr. Garner and his staff were kind, knowledgeable and caring. I felt as though I had arrived at the right chiropractic office, after years of searching for pain relief. I am very hopeful and very encouraged for improvement of my current situation. I look very much forward to my healing with Dr. Garner and his staff.

~ Lee Ann J.

I really like the way Dr. Garner operates. It’s different than the standard neck and back cracking I’ve gotten from chiropractors in the past, and his method seems a lot more thorough and makes more sense to me. I appreciate the way he explains things.

~ Bridgette H.

I was searching for a chiropractor who uses an “activator” and “kinesiology” because I have had both negative and painful experiences with other methods used by most practitioners. Dr. Garner’s practice fit the bill. What I did not expect was how kind, caring and super energy everyone exhibited at the clinic. Nor did I feel like I was just another “dollar sign” walking through the door. Some chiropractors will insist you come back three days a week for months, even if you have no current or active injury which could require intense treatment. Dr. Garner is looking out for me, not his pocket book. I trust Dr. Garner and his staff. I highly recommend this clinic.

~ Lorraine S.

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