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New Years Exercise Resolutions

Often, by the time New Years comes around, we’ve been over eating since November and not feeling well because of a poor diet. So what do you do now?

Get back into shape!

Jump start your fitness!

Jump start your fitness!

Jump Start Your Fitness

Start slow with a few simple tips to help get yourself moving and increase your energy!

  • Be realistic about your fitness ability and try not to push your limits.
  • Find a place where you can walk regularly (shopping malls are great when the weather is doesn’t cooperate).
  • Start slow and gradually increase your walking time, as you feel better.
  • Ease into your new routine.
  • If you feel sore, cut your exercise time in half until you get back to a place where you’re not in pain.
  • If you’re in pain after a short period of time, come in for an adjustment and talk to me, there could be something else going on with your health.

We want you to be successful! So, take your time to build a strong exercise foundation so you can reach your goals.