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Secrets to Staying in the Game

Did you know it’s important to warm up before engaging in sports or any physical activity?

Warm up before hitting the court

Warm up before hitting the court

Why? Warming up before performing any type of physical activity helps increase blood flow and helps prepare your body for that activity. If you don’t warm up, muscles can fail, your joints can become unstable and you could get hurt. Warming up also helps ensure that  you don’t injure your back or muscles trying to stretch too much, or  too soon while engaged in the activity. How? Regardless of the sport you perform, it’s suggested to do a light version of that sport or activity before you begin to warm up. For example, if you’re playing tennis, take a few light hits on the court before your match.

Listen to Your Body

Sometimes the reality is that you push yourself out of your comfort zone, but it’s important to listen to what your body is and isn’t comfortable doing. If you feel that your body is hurting or that something isn’t right, listen to it and stop or change the activity. Warming up and listening to your body can help take stress off of your body so that you can play your favorite sport for longer and often times better. If you’re wondering how you can warm up for a specific sport or activity you’re involved in, just ask! We’d love to talk to you about more ways you can stay healthy and perform to your fullest potential on and off the court.