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The Truth About Aging

Listen to your body and feel great

Listen to your body and feel great

As children, our bodies are 80% cartilage and 20% bone. When we hit middle age it’s just the opposite. Knowing this makes it easier to understand that the older we get, the more inflexible we become. As we age, it’s important to change the expectations of what our bodies can and can’t do and take care of ourselves accordingly.

“Why Did I Get Hurt?”

This is a common question we hear from many of our patients in their 50’s that visit us due to pain or an injury. “I was just weeding the garden,” they say without understanding why they’re in pain. The answer, because as you age, things change and your body doesn’t handle stress and strain as easily as it used to.

Don’t Blow Through the Stop Signs

As your chiropractor, I’m here to walk you through the aging process and teach you how you can live the life you want as you age. Listen to what your body tells you, keep your eyes peeled for warning signs of pain or injury and remember to stop if you need to.

When your back feels tired, that’s a sign that pain is not far behind if you continue with that activity. You need to adjust your expectations and physical limits as you age.

Tip: Fatigue is the first stop sign. If you’re tired, rest before you feel any pain and you’ll will be able to do much more! Taking a 5-minute break during household projects can help ease strain on your body without holding up progress.

Flexibility is Feasible

Your flexibility varies depending on many factors, so remember to not compare yourself to those around you. Through proper stretching, you’ll take better care of yourself and feel better, too.

Yoga and basic stretches can make a significant difference in how you feel. I’d love to talk to you about some basic stretches that are just right for you and will enhance your daily and long term life.

Call or visit us to learn more about how you can embrace aging and life as much as possible.